Folld-1 - FUELL-EU


2.499€ (TVA et frais de port inclus)

Le vélo électrique pliable FUELL Folld-1 contient une batterie de 750Wh cachée dans son cadre monocoque en magnésium, parcourt jusqu'à 110 km avec une seule charge. Il est compact mais puissant avec un moteur de 250 W et ses pneus "fat" peuvent s'attaquer à n'importe quel terrain.

Details that set Folld-1 apart

With Folld-1, you’re not just getting a mode of transportation – you’re getting an experience. Built for riding at a leisurely pace, with 20” (50.8cm) fat tires perfect for comfortable city riding but also for trails and beaches, while being easily folded and stored away at your destination.

Des caractéristiques techniques exceptionnelles

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Magnesium monocoque frame

The monocoque magnesium frame ensures stability, rigidity and lightness. Built in one piece, it doesn’t have any welding and is particularly durable. It also allows for a specific design that, with its folding ability, makes it the next thing in foldable ebikes.

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20” fat tires and front & rear suspension

Combining fat tires with front and rear suspension provides an exceptional level of riding comfort in all terrains - uneven road surface, beach, trail and off road conditions are filtered efficiently for a smooth ride in all circumstances.

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5 assistance levels

A digital color screen controls all functions of Folld-1 with 5 assistance levels. Add the 8 gear cassette in the back, and you have at any moment the full control of your speed and power.