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Flluid-2 / 2S

5,995€  (shipping & VAT incl.)

Flluid-2 (25 km/h) and Flluid-2S (45 km/h) are the ultimate ultra long range e-bikes with 2,000Wh of battery capacity producing an amazing range of up to 350 km. Powered by Valeo's all-new 750W high-performance motor with an integrated automatic 7-speed gearbox, predictive shifting, throttle control and 130Nm of torque. Connectivity and anti-theft features such as geolocation, remote locking and alarm ensure peace of mind when away from your e-bike. 

Details that set Flluid-2 / 2S apart

Fully assembled in the USA, Flluid-2 and Flluid-2S take over the arduous task of changing gears, with automatic and predictive shifting, just like on your automatic car. Ride further than ever before on a single charge with 350 km of range. And enjoy total security and control using the fully connected and dedicated smartphone app.


Premium Specs

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All-New Valeo Motor

The next step in e-bike technology. Silent and powerful with 1000W and 130Nm while the integrated automatic gearbox provides an effortless and smooth ride. Smart electronics and algorithms adjust assistance, cranking frequency and pace to the optimum level. A fully manual mode is also available.

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Embedded Connectivity System

Thanks to a connectivity system embedded into the frame and controllable by a dedicated smartphone app, you'll remain connected to your bike at all times. Use the dedicated smartphone app to locate and lock/unlock your e-bike, be warned about unusual movements, access data and statistics about usage, and more.

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2 removable batteries

The integrated and removable batteries are the key to its amazing looks and exceptional range of up to 350 km, or an impressive 180 km with max assistance and speed.

Which Flluid-2 / 2S is for me?

The Flluid-2 and Flluid-2S are available in three colors — silver, blue, and red — and one universal size suitable for riders between 1m55 to 1m95 in height. Flluid-2 and 2S come with a two year warranty on all components including motor, batteries and electronics and a 10 year warranty on the frame. With 25 km/h speed for the Flluid-2 and 45 km/h for the Flluid-2S.