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Flluid-3 / 3S: Ultra-Long Range Step-Through E-bike

Experience freedom, power, and performance like never before with the new FUELL Flluid-3 and 3S step-through e-bikes. They feature the latest VALEO Cyclee Mid Drive motor with an integrated automatic gearbox and predictive shifting. This means you always have the right gear for the terrain, so you can focus on enjoying the ride.

Pre-order your FUELL Flluid e-bike today and experience the freedom, power, and performance for yourself. Deliveries starting April 2024.
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Motor 250W / 1000W
Powerful torque130Nm


Motor 250W / 1000W
Powerful torque130Nm

Ride further
than ever

With an incredible range of up to 180 km, Flluid sets you up to bridge longer distances on a single charge than most e-bikes around. Flluid-3 and Flluid-3S are ultra long-range e-bikes with 1 battery of 1000W for a range of up to 180 km and assist speeds from 25 km/h (Flluid-3) to 45 km/h (Flluid-3S).

It has a step-through design for easy mounting and dismounting. They are perfect for your everyday commute.

*The only difference between Flluid-3 and 3S is the max speed and the motor power output.

A new era in automatic shifting
with Valeo cyclee mid drive

Flluid-3 and 3S are among the first in the world to feature Valeo’s all-new powerful Cyclee Mid Drive Unit — a revolutionary and industry-leading innovation.

It packs a 250W or 1000W high-performance motor with an integrated 7-speed adaptive automatic gearbox (450% ratio) — which offers seamless and smooth automatic shifting that adapts to any terrain.

The gearbox’s predictive algorithms learn and anticipate your pedaling style, to shift automatically and smoothly — in under 100ms (~5x faster than the average automatic car).

You’ll ride without thinking about gear shifts. The predictive algorithms take care of the rest.


Assistance level selection

Lights / mileage navigation

USB Type-C for phone charging

ON/OFF / anti-theft function

Switch gear

Gearbox mode (Auto / Manual)

UpShift for gearbox

DownShift for gearbox


Uphill rides made easy

No hill is too steep for Flluid e-bikes! Their Valeo Mid Drive delivers a whopping 130 Nm of torque. 

Powered by Valeo's all-new high-performance motor Flluid-3 / 3S assist from 25 km/h (Flluid-3) up to 45 km/h (Flluid-3S).

Conquer the steepest of hills without breaking a sweat or slowing down, and get going on a steep incline as if it’s a flat road!

In control, whenever, wherever with “FUELL Rider” app

Flluid’s embedded smart security and connectivity system is an absolute game changer that leaves no room for thieves to even think about messing with your ride.

With the dedicated FUELL Rider smartphone app, you have the power to remotely locate and lock/unlock your Flluid, get notified about unusual movements, access data and statistics about usage, and even receive maintenance alerts.

Remote lock/unlock

GPS tracking

Usage Data & Statistics

Maintenance Alerts

Motion sensing & Theft warning

The next generation of Fuell e-bikes is almost here, broken into two models that bracket the capability of the earlier model.

And once again, FUELL is pushing boundaries and technology to new limits.

That first electric bike was already an impressive model in its own right, but the FUELL Flluid-2 and Flluid-3 look to be raising the bar even further.

 In a world where we spend much of our time commuting, it’s great to see new technologies making commutes easier and more convenient. And when it comes to that, the Flluid-2 and Flluid-3 stand out.

The FUELL Flluid-3s has better specs than many cars I’ve owned and is way more fun in city traffic.


FUELL Flluid technical services

Details that set Flluid-3 and 3S apart

Fully assembled in the USA, Flluid-3 and 3S take over the arduous task of changing gears, with automatic and predictive shifting, just like on your automatic car. Ride further than ever before on a single charge with 180 km range. And enjoy total security and control using the fully connected and dedicated smartphone app.


The FUELL Flluid-2 and 3 e-bikes set the bar for innovation and deliver an unparalleled riding experience. They come with dazzling features that justify their higher price point — a small investment in exchange for infinite enjoyment!

For example:

FUELL Flluid-2 and 3 have the longest range in the market — up to 225 mi (350 km) on a single charge, owing to their large battery capacity. The competition generally tops out below 150 mi (240km).

Valeo mid-drive with automatic gearbox: This revolutionary new technology is unique in the e-bike world, and has the potential to change the way you ride. Its integrated gearbox (450% ratio) offers seamless and smooth automatic shifting that adapts to any terrain.

Powerful torque: The Valeo motor delivers an impressive 130 Nm of torque, making it easy to conquer even the steepest hills.

Also, the throttle, lets you speed up to 20mph (32 km/h) (6 km/h in the EU) with the press of a button.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

There are a number of significant improvements over the Flluid-1: improved range, increased motor output, higher torque, the addition of throttle assist, smartphone connectivity, and of course the revolutionary Valeo mid-drive. The general design has also been improved to provide an even better riding experience.

Flluid-2 has two batteries totalling 2000W, which gives it a max range of 225mi (350 km). Flluid-3, on its part, has a step-through design and a single 1000W battery, giving it a no less impressive range of 110mi (180 km). The other amazing features are exactly the same!

Yes! You can use the dedicated “FUELL Rider” smartphone app (Android or iOS) to access all data and statistics about usage, lock/unlock your Flluid, and locate it in case it's lost.

The max rider weight is 290lbs (130kgs), while the max rider height is 6'5" (1m95) for both the Flluid-2 and Flluid-3.

The S-versions are exactly the same e-bikes, with the same great components and features. But with unlocked software for higher motor power and max speeds. Depending on local laws, they may require registration, a helmet, and insurance. Both S-versions (Flluid 2S and Flluid-3S) are available at novadditional cost over regular versions (Flluid-2 and Flluid-3). You have the option to choose between the two versions while backing.

The maximum assistance speed depends on your local regulation. Backers from the US can choose between the Class-2 Flluid-2 and 3, with a max speed of 20 mph (32 km/h), and the Class-3 Flluid-2S and Flluid-3S with speeds of 28 mph (45 km/h). EU backers have the choice between the Pedelec version (Flluid-2 and 3) with a max speed of 25 km/h, and the SpeedPedelec (Flluid-2S and 3S) with a max speed of 45 km/h. The latter requires a plate, helmet, and insurance (L1e-B certification).

While both versions are mechanically the same, the speed limits are decided based on local laws and regulations, which are different in the EU, US, and Canada. The “S” versions have the same max speed of 45 km/h (28mph) in all countries.

Yes, the Flluid-2/2S and Flluid-3/3S also include throttle control, so you can ride to your destination with the push of a button without the need for pedaling. Please note that regulations in the EU restrict throttle assistance to a max of 6 km/h.

The batteries are both removable and interchangeable. They come with a 4A fast battery charger. The ultra-long-range Flluid-2 comes with two removable battery packs for a total 2000W (2kWh) of power. Flluid-3 features a single removable 1000W (1kWh) battery. The batteries can be charged to 80% in 4 hrs, and 100% in 6 hrs.

No, their size is universal.

Yes, the batteries are locked in the frame and can easily be removed with a single key. This allows you to park the bike downstairs/outside, while charging upstairs/inside.

Flluid-2 and Flluid-3 both come with a 2-year unlimited mileage warranty, for the peace of mind that your e-bike is covered against manufacturing defects and faults. Additionally, the frame is covered by a 10-year warranty.

FUELL has a team of qualified technicians experienced in supporting Flluid riders. We find that most issues can be quickly remedied via email, and usually answered within a few hours.

If repair is needed, FUELL maintains a network of dealers and service centers, as well as its own inventory of spare parts. Our components are supplied by Valeo, Shimano, Tektro, Suntour, Gates, Pirelli and other reputable brands that many local bike shops know and can service

Yes. The FUELL Flluids are designed to be low-maintenance and durable. They require minimal lubrication thanks to the belt drive system, so you are all set to spend less time and money on upkeep.

Accessories are available on the accessories page of the FUELL website. Spare parts can be purchased by contacting us.

Shipping and import duties are included in the price for North American and European sales. The backer is responsible for any additional VAT/GST and sales tax depending on their country/state of residence.

We expect to commence deliveries this summer, with first deliveries planned for July 2023.

Shipping is included in the price.

We'll gladly correct your order if you change your order before it is shipped.

Yes, we ship worldwide. Please make sure that your version of choice is compatible with your local regulations, or drop us an email at fuell@fuell.us to check.

If there is visible damage to the packaging that appears to have damaged the Flluid and/or its other contents, please notify the courier immediately as they are held responsible for all damage caused in transit. Request documentation from them stating that you have received a box with visible damages. You will need this for insurance purposes to qualify for a replacement Flluid.

Flluid is delivered with instructions in a securely packed box and requires minimal assembly. You can always email the helpline for additional help or visit your local bike shop to get all parts tightened and checked.

Flluid-2/2S and Flluid-3/3S come with the all-new Valeo Cyclee Mid-drive motor. It’s a revolutionary system with an integrated automatic 7-speed gearbox that provides predictive (automatic) or manual shifting. The motor’s nominal output is 250W / 750W / 1000W depending on the chosen variant. Moreover, it is capable of delivering a whopping 130 Nm of torque.It provides max speed assistance of 28 mph / 45 km/h and throttle control up to 20 mph / 32 km/h. The Valeo Cyclee motor is made in France.

Predictive shifting is very similar to the way automatic gearboxes work in cars. An internal computer analyzes your speed and torque in the pedals and optimizes the best ratio between crank speed, effort, and assistance.

Yes, it will. This is done automatically, just like on cars with automatic transmissions.

Yes. All variants come with a 2.3” display to keep you in-the-know during your ride. From your current speed, trip information and assistance level, to your Flluid’s battery level and engaged gear. The display also has 3 buttons, which allow you to navigate the display, control your Flluid, and select the assistance level.

Throttle assist will get you riding with a max speed of 20 mph (32 km/h) in the US/Canada, and 6 km/h in the EU.

Yes. Motor power for the US models will be 750W. For EU customers, the max power will be set according to the EU-regulations: 250W for the Flluid-2 and Flluid-3, 1000W for the Flluid-2S / 3S.

The Valeo Cyclee motor is capable of 1200W peak output. However, the e-bikes come with an output of 250W / 750W / 1000W depending on the selected model to meet local regulations. There will also be a Canada-compliant version for Canadian backers.