Flluid is not your ordinary e-bike. the Flluid is designed to compete with e-bikes costing over €6,000, while offering a level of integration and styling not seen before. It's packed with the latest features, the best components, one of the largest batteries in the market, and the most power assistance when pedalling.

Flluid comes in 2 versions - Flluid-1 - "Pedelec" and Flluid-1S - "S-Pedelec" also referred to as "Speedbike". Pedelec means assistance to pedalling up to 32 kmph. S-Pedelec means assistance up to 45 kmph. Check your local regulation to see what your jurisdiction allows.

Yes, we have 2 sizes - M (best for those from 160 cm to 185 cm) and L (best for those from 175 cm to 185 cm) - the seat height is adjustable with a 20cms /8 inches range. Other than seat height, the frames are very similar, so seat height is the primary way to choose your frame.

Ein Drehmomentsensor misst die Kraft, die auf die Kurbel ausgeübt wird und liefert eine präzise reaktion des Motors, wenn der Fahrer in die Pedale tritt. Was Sie eingeben ist proportional zu dem, was Sie herausholen. Dieser reine Drehmomentsensor bietet eine gleichmäßigere Beschleunigung und intuitive Pedalunterstützung. Drehmomentsensoren sind teurer als Trittfrequenzsensoren, aber die Verbesserung der Fahrqualität lohnt sich!

Yes, you can get up to 200 km of pedal assistance with Flluid, thanks to its powerful 1004KWh battery pack and 5 different assistance levels. Now you will get less if you're selecting the highest level of assistance and "ride hard and fast" - still, you'll be amazed how much range you'll get. Our co-founder Erik Buell rode his Flluid-1S across Wisconsin - ask us about his trip at fuell@fuell.us


The Flluid launch was extremely successful. We are currently working to catch up with a backlog of orders. The current estimated time of delivery is shown on the Flluid page. 

Ja, wir versenden weltweit. Bitte stellen Sie sicher, dass Sie ein Flluid-1 oder Flluid-1S auswählen, um den örtlichen Vorschriften und Registrierungsanforderungen zu entsprechen. Wir haben Lager in Europa und den USA und können von diesen Standorten aus versenden. Bitte kontaktieren Sie uns, um die Versandkosten unter fuell@fuell.us zu bestätigen

Der Versand innerhalb der kontinentalen USA und der EU ist im Preis des FUELL Flluid bereits enthalten. Für den Versand an andere Standorte kontaktieren Sie uns bitte,


Contact us via chat (on the bottom right of your screen), or via email Hier.

FUELL has a team of technicians with experience riding and supporting Flluid riders. We find that most issues can be quickly remedied either via email or with a short phone call, and we usually respond within a few minutes if we are not on a call with another customer. 

If repair is needed, our components are supplied by Shimano, Tektro, Suntour, Gates, and Pirelli, most local bike shops can quickly and easily service your Flluid. You can find a list of exceptional local bike shops through unsere Fulfillment-Partner

Accessories are available on our accessories page Hier, and spare parts can be purchased by contacting FUELL Hier

Wenn sichtbare Schäden an der Verpackung vorliegen, die den Flluid und/oder seinen Inhalt beschädigt zu haben scheinen, benachrichtigen Sie bitte sofort den Kurier, da dieser für alle während des Transports verursachten Schäden verantwortlich gemacht wird. Fordern Sie bei ihnen Unterlagen an, aus denen hervorgeht, dass Sie ein Paket mit sichtbaren Schäden erhalten haben. Sie benötigen dies für Versicherungszwecke, um sich für einen Ersatz-Flluid zu qualifizieren. Bitte kantieren Sie uns HIER.

Please contact us Hier.


FUELL is an international team, headquartered in NYC with offices in the US and Europe. To learn more about our team please click Hier

The components for the Flluid are sourced from the US, Japan, Europe, China and Taiwan. Manufacturing and final assembly is done both in Wisconsin (US) and Germany.

FUELL has developed and is manufacturing the Flluid-2, Flluid-3 and Folld-1 electric bicycles, and offers a number of accessories for those e-bikes. FUELL is developing the Fllow electric motorcycles with first deliveries estimated for 4th quarter of 2024.


FUELL is excited to offer demo rides in NYC, Paris, Germany, and the Netherlands at all times. We can offer demo rides in other locations as well, so please contact us via chat or Hier and we will set up a test ride for you. 

Yes! The Flluid is available to rent and test rides through our Partnerund über verschiedene Peer-to-Peer-Websites für die gemeinsame Nutzung von Fahrrädern.


FUELL has several Partnerschaften for fulfilment and service.  Our partner shops offer an exceptional level of service to customers across the Europe.

You can find instructions for removing the front wheel of your Flluid in the owners manual HERE and the rear wheel of your Flluid Hier.

If you would prefer some assistance, there are thousands of local bike shops across the Country who can easily work on your Flluid, which is built with industry standard components like Tektro Brakes, a Shimano Hub, a Gates Belt drive, and Suntour suspension. Please contact us Hier if you need help identifying a shop.